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Nicole Ashton is a professional Healer renowned internationally for her Compassion, Energy and Healing.

Join Nicole Ashton Wednesday at 4:00 PM MST on Radio St George, as Nicole expertly channels questions and guides callers and listeners through a Spiritual Awakening to Return to Consciousness.

Nicole would love to hear from you! Tune in, listen in, or call in to receive inspired answers to your questions! 435-879-4100


Experience Healing and Awakening LIVE Meditation

~ Energy Healing knows no time or distance.

~Create an Intention

~Listen to Meditation

~Breath, Relax, Open your Heart

~Allow your mind, body and soul to return to consciousness.

TUNE-UP for your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. The experience connects you to the universal vibrational energy field of love being emitted to our planet. With this connection it is easier to accomplish your true intentions and your heart’s desire, helping you to MANIFEST all that you need PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY to live in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and BLISS.
You will be attuned to an amazing, powerful and more highly refined spiritual energy. This energy of LOVE will open your Chakras allowing you to RECEIVE and understand who you really are. You will move into a state of multidimensional consciousness and know how to live your life accordingly, using this new VIBRATIONAL FIELD of LOVE

Wednesday Healing in St George Ut

Wednesday Friends Gathering and Healing Circle


Nicole is traveling the world learning ancient knowledge and healing from the Masters of Eastern and Western philosophies and medicine.

Each week Nicole will teach and share healing and knowledge she as learned and is using in her own practice with you and your loved ones.

Nicole hosts interactive class where clients share their healing journey and what they are now doing to expand in their own life, healing practices and more.


Gatherings are posted on the main page and on Blog

342 East Riverside Drive A-12

St George Utah 84780

Holiday Months may vary

Call for details 435-319-0951 


Nicole in St George Utah

LIMITED TIME Nicole will be doing personal sessions!


Nicole is moving to remote sessions and group sessions to assist more people.


In a Healing session, Nicole begins with a centering process to calm the mind, access a sense of compassion, and become fully present with the client’s. Nicole then focuses intention on the client’s highest good and places his or her hands lightly on the patient's body or makes sweeping hands motions above the body.

Nicole believe’s that this process balances and realigns energy flow that has been disrupted by stress, pain, or illness. The process eliminates blockages in the energy field so that the patient is in an optimal state for healing to occur.

About Nicole
Nicole Ashton, a world-renowned healer and luminary, whose life after death experience has allowed her the gift of empowering people around the globe to heal and grow into their true authentic space. 
Nicole with her natural connection to Source, which has remained open since her return, will help you and your family, find the frequency of gratitude and patient love that will awaken your souls design.

Secure your spot by texting or calling 435-319-0951

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