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Nicole is one of the most caring and compassionate souls that I have had the privilege of knowing and healing with. She has been with me on my journey since day one and has blessed my life. We have known each other and have been friends for a very long time, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! If you have been feeling the pull, don’t wait to see Nicole. It could change your life too.


There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. As you browse our site, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.

Don Tolman, 


I love it when people actually live up to the meanings of their “Names”… So many parents have intuitive ‘ah-ha moments' when they hear the sound of a name that makes them want to give that name to their child. The Ancient meaning of names and their origins are so fascinating. I spent years going to Ancient and Arcane collections around the world and onomatology the study of the meanings and origins of names became a Passion of mine. So lets take a look at the name Nicole Ashton.


The name Nicole literally means, "Victory of the People”… Nicole’s have a deep inner desire for Love, Friendship, Companionship and to work with others to help them achieve Peace, Harmony, Health and Happiness. This Nicole was and is literally the Victory of the People who know her, she died and brought herself back to Life what an amazing Victory that is. She is beautiful, smart, fun and always cares for others. Nicoles tend to be Creative, and good at Expressing themselves. She Lives up to her Name for sure. 

Even her surname of Ashton comes from those who lived in Villages or on Gardening Farms where the Ash Tree’s were growing. Ash were the Tree’s, Ton meant location Hence the Ashton’s. Celtic records taught that the Ash Tree’s were Magical Healing Tree’s filled with Potency, Health and Prosperity. That the Ash Tree brought Nourishment, Sustenance, Eye Opening Spiritual Growth, and Mental, Emotional and Physical Strength. Ash is a deciduous tree that gives flowers and fruits. The Ash Tree is also used in sporting equipment, and those who love the sport of baseball will swear by its lightness and toughness. Ash trees are a popular choice of ornamental trees and are planted in cities to Create Greenery. For eons, this tree has been revered for its strength and magical powers. Not just that, many poets and writers in the past have made references about the tree's grandeur and suggested its symbolic significance in their works. This Tree is also known for its benefits in Diuretics, Laxatives, and Tonics. It helps to cure Gout, Obesity and Rheumatism. The Ash tree is also linked with blending the Past, Present and Future. The Ash also represented the Power of Death and Rebirth. It was known as the World Tree that is connected to the Cosmos and a Protecter of the Land and the People. Ash were the Tree’s Ton meant location.

Nicole Ashton is all of the above and a Healer of the People.

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Lance Allred

First Deaf Player in NBA HistoryKeynote Motivational SpeakerBest Selling Author

When I met Nicole, I was in the middle of a huge transition: retiring from basketball, new career as motivational speaker and also going through a divorce. It was a tough place to be. I was very alone.
At the time Nicole and I met, I had not prayed or said the word "God" in 7 years. I really didn't think a God existed anymore, or if one did, it certainly didn't know my name.
Then Nicole and I met, at a park one day. And I was compelled to share some things that were beyond my cognitive walls. And when I tried, something, did not want me talking to Nicole. Great adversity tried to keep us apart. But it could not stand up to Nicole's presence and sight. That night, after Nicole spent more time with me, I went home and for the first time in 7 years said as I laid down on my pillow, "Thank you, God. For everything."
-Lance Allred
First Deaf Player in NBA History
Keynote Motivational Speaker
Best Selling Author


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