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Nicole Ashton


Shaison P Ouseph

A Gathering Of Greatness”

A special gathering to honor and celebrate Nicole Ashton local and International Healer and Dr Shaison P. Ouseph from Mumbai India will be held in St George Utah May 18, 2019

Nicole’s near death experience nearly 10 years ago opened her in born gifts and after many years of hard work and passion for humanity has become a local and International Intuitive healer, Dr. of Metaphysics and mentor. 
Nicole’s gifts of healing and compassion have and are touching and healing many lives. She has traveled extensively throughout many countries to learn, practice and prefect her healing techniques and practices. Her compassion for humanity as a whole is unmatched!

Dr Shaison P. Ouseph is owner of VERITAS Productions in Mumbai India.
He holds the title “ Gandhi Peace Ambassador International “ 
“Most Notable Documentary Film Maker In The World,” title along with a multitude of honorary awards around the world. His feature films are aimed at those brave valiant souls who have gone above and beyond what we would consider normal hardships and have lifted themselves up to become heroes or sometimes lost their lives in situations of injustice to humanity.

Nicole’s beginning documentary “Healing Hands “ was filmed and produced by Dr Ouseph here in Utah and we are honored to have him return once again to continue her story and document the amazing journey Nicole is so passionate to share with humanity.

We are also honored to have best selling Author, International speaker, spiritual leader and survivor Jeffery C Olsen as our guest. He will be sharing his amazing story and will have books available as well.

This gathering is about coming together as a community of like minded loving compassionate people to acknowledge, support and celebrate the lives of those who have dedicated themselves to the betterment, healing and unconditional love and Peace for humanity.

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