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Join us for an evening of Connection And Joy

Good Morning Beautiful Souls. We are excited to share this event on Wednesday January 10 at 6:30PM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Seating is limited Nicole Ashton will share her life changing Near Death Experience that reminded her of the Divine Light, Compassion and her healing gifts. Nicole travels the World sharing with those who are ready to awaken and activate their Divine gifts and abilities. • Dennis Allen brings to life a interactive way to experience the love that Nicole emanates through her heart into yours. • SoulSpark7 will be bringing in the Harmony with singing bowls. This will be a gathering to remember.... forever.... “I was lost in my own thought and scared of my gifts. I sat in one gathering and I found home!” Brittney St George Ut “You go see Nicole and your entire life changes. I found attending her gatherings and workshops I am able to maintain the healing on my own for long periods of time and it seems to almost be sustainable now. It is mind blowing” Carolyn, St. George Ut • Blessings to ALL of Us! **********************************RESERVE YOUR SEAT BY TEXTING 801-631-1195 •Name •How many are attending. Whoot Whoo 3/4 of the seats are taken Text Today.. •• All donations go to Creating and making the next gathering happen! 🙏🦋✨ 

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