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EnergyHealing Session


With Hands-on or Distant Energy healing your body and mind will experience the freedom and clarity available when all worries and stressors are released. Nicole will assist your body and mind in remembering the state of freedom and welcoming it back into your life. Client will feel free and clear of all worries and stressors that life places upon us. 


Energy healing sessions

are individually designed by you to address your specific needs for optimum healing and personal transformation.  Typically, each session will be Spirit Guided Lifeforce Energy artfully woven to catalyze deep healing and profound shifts in understanding.


Experienced Life Coach

Mentoring with Nicole



Have you ever encountered the term intuitive life coach? Whether you have or have not yet, this article will give you a quick run through of how an intuitive life coach differs from a life coach. Who knows? You may be interested in intuitive life coaching. Continue reading below to know more.


Defining Intuition

When talking about intuition, you’ll often hear the terms “gut-feeling,” or “inner voice.” This is because intuition gives us that feeling of “knowingness” that comes to us without us being fully aware of the underlying reason behind it. Formally defined, intuition is the process that enables us to know something directly without proper reasoning; connecting the gap between our conscious and unconscious mind, linking instinct and reason.

More Than a Life Coach; Intuitive Life Coaches Gauge Energy

An intuitive life coach is a professional who can help you access your intuition and use it to improve your life. In addition to assisting a client to set goals, make habits, and sharpen skills that can refine his/her lifestyle, an intuitive life coach adds a layer of spiritual life coaching in the mix. Specifically, this kind of coach is focused on emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing. Furthermore, they also gauge their clients’ energies with the help of their intuition. They can, in effect, help in releasing blockages that keep their client from moving forward in life. At best, an intuitive life coach’s mission is to help a client achieve wholeness by recognizing issues, strengths, and weaknesses.

 Intuitive Life Coach Topics

There’s no limit to the topics a life coach can help someone with. The most common areas, though, are the following:

  • Love and relationships

  • Career and finance

  • Education

  • Creativity and hobbies

  • Family

  • Confidence and self-love

  • Spirituality and religion


DNA Activation

Personal Session

DNA Activation

(Area of Focus- Lymes Disease, Cancer, Chronic Diseases,

Awakening, Light coding, Expand Consciousness,  Soul Alignment )

What is DNA activation?

Most of our DNA is naturally dormant, but through spiritual work, meditation, and mindfulness, we are naturally awakening some of it. The Earth’s frequency is also raising, causing our DNA to activate. What does that mean? It means:

  • More people are experiencing spiritual awakening

  • More people are using their psychic abilities

  • More people are experiencing an open-mindedness

If you are a healer, intuitive, psychic/medium, it’s useful to experience a proper DNA activation because it will enhance your abilities further, that is, this is an EXCELLENT investment in yourself and your business.

I’ve activated my own DNA a handful of times, and each time I experienced something new, a new awareness, an empowerment, an increase in health and money!!

When you activate your DNA…

  • You no longer get sick as much (turbo charges your immune system)

  • Your natural soul gifts are amplified

  • You experience a huge spiritual shift and awakening

  • You may experience an increase in abundance

  • …and so much more can happen!!

This Skype Call includes but not limit too:

Divine Feminine Attunement: Activates your DF essence and femine power, clearing any trauma you may have that’s related to this.

7 Chakra attunement: Will align all your chakras in the highest and best way. Clearing them out one by one.

Live On Earth: So often as lightworkers, we live “up there” and forget to take action down below, and that we must live on this planet, for now! This will allow you to feel more present in your body and with those around you, you will be less prone to “hide out”.

Embody your higher self: Allows you to easily bring in your Higher Self whenever you need insight, or to stand in your power and be brave.

Anchors away: Allows you to spring forward in your plans all while staying grounded.

Energetic Degunk: Clears anything unwanted from the energy field.

Veil of illusion Uncovering all hidden truths that you are energetically ready to see.

False beliefs Removes all the false beliefs you are ready to release.

Oaths/Vows/Contracts Removes anything in the way of accepting this energy

Mending any broken or fragmented DNA and finally activating 12 strands and possibly more depending on where you are at on your journey!


Soul's Design


and Reading

With Nicole and Connie

Are you ready to awaken to YOU?


There is place, tthat is a sacred space, the depth of the CORE OF OUR EVERY EVERYTHING.... without the old human programming, mindsets, mentalities, beliefs....


This space, this pure Divine Essence Light.... emanates from our every cell and through our conscious breath ... the PURE LOVE that we ARE...

Where all is visible and up to us to choose/shift and dissolve/resolve/clear anything not completely pure within us..... in this very now....


Two Amazing Women bring you a reading and awaking at a affordable rate.


Their work is truly transformational Schedule your Awakening Session with Nicole Ashton-Souls Design Awakening and Alignment

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