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Lean into YOU.. Learn Your Gifts.. Align Your Soul..


Nicole’s work has facilitated healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level for thousands of people worldwide. Personal sessions entail dialog, psycho-spiritual counsel, energetic readings, and psychic assessment of the clients true healing needs.

Together Nicole and the client work to focus on the origin or cause of the issue. A variety of skills and tools learned from years of healing and specific to each session may be used. 

Sessions begin with a dialog and psychic assessment, followed by the client relaxing on a massage table, in the chair or a comfortable space in your home in order to receive the energy work to help integrate the insights and deep healing.

Whether one’s needs are physical or emotional, or simply to increase one’s existing wellbeing, the foundation of all Nicole’s  healing work is to create positive energetic movement where there is inner resistance, and to release the negative imprints of the past. Nicole’s gifts enable her to connect deeply to the vibrational essence of a person, place, or thing and act as the catalyst and interpreter of these energies.

Energetic restructuring then is possible to facilitate positive change (healing!).

When the subtle life force currents are positively activated, physical healing and an awakening to full consciousness is accelerated. Followed by self-care and clear intention (self-responsibility) profound life changes, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, often result after working with Nicole.


"Creator of Energy Healing by Design Nicole Ashton, a world-renowned healer, and luminary, whose life after death experience has allowed her the gift of empowering people around the globe to heal and grow into their true authentic space. Nicole with her natural connection to Source, which has remained open since her return, will help you and your Family, find the frequency of gratitude and patient love that will assist you in awakening your Souls Design".

Nicole performs heart-centered healing work with individuals, couples, and groups. Her work is spirit-guided cellular level healing of mind, body, emotions, and soul. Deep within your heart is a portal to your spirit. When uncovered and opened, divine healing currents can be released throughout your system to bring spiritual awakening, inner freedom, and essential love.

Many have experienced deep healing of present and past emotional patterns, the release of biology or learned beliefs and relief from physical disharmony causing illness.

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