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Experience the Tao Te Ching in St George UT

Master Kuo of the Tao Te Ching will be coming from Taiwan. He will be staying in Utah with Nicole Ashton from May 3-7. All are welcome to come learn from this amazing soul and be initiated into the Tao if inspired to! Saturday May 5th we will be doing meditations, with a full day to spend interacting with Master Kuo and Nicole Ashton of the Tao! Full Itinerary below What universal love you will witness while in the presence of the Masters! Blessings among us all! Please get your FREE Tickets today. Donations Appreciated. Your Tickets are valid for all days and hours of this event. Blessing of love and abundance! St George Tao Te Ching Initiation Address: 3800 N Paradise Village Drive #117 Santa Clara, UT 84765 Date May 3-7, 2018 Time: 10am-6pm Required Dress: White Shirt and Black Pants or Skirt Thursday May 3, 10am-6pm Friday May 4, 10am-6pm Saturday May 5, 10am-6pm Initiation Ceremony Sunday May 6, 10am-6pm Monday May 7, 10am-6pm 

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