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Healing Depression through Energy Working

According to the World Health Organization, depression affects approximately 400 million people around the world. When it isn’t properly treated, this condition reduces quality of life for sufferers and can lead to a number of serious consequences. Many different treatments exist for depression. However, regardless of the treatment methods chosen, patients dealing with the symptoms of depression may experience benefit from participating in Reiki sessions in conjunction with their professional treatment programs and methods. The Dangers of Depression Depression is a common condition that causes affected individuals to experience feelings of sadness, guilt, loss of interest in enjoyable activities, appetite disturbances, low self-esteem and sleep issues. It can affect people regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, occupation or any other characteristic. Although depression may occur after someone experiences a trauma, such as a death in the family, loss of a job or a serious illness, it can also appear to occur without an apparent cause. If left untreated, depression can affect the sufferer’s quality of life, as well as his or her personal relationships. Depression can also affect the individual’s professional life by impairing his or her ability to function while at work. In the worst cases, depression may even result in total disability or death by suicide. Because it can be so serious, finding effective treatment for depression is essential. So, seeking a qualified professional skilled in therapy, treatment programs, and talking with your physician is the first course of action. Then, in conjunction with working with a professional team and or program, Energy work can help as an adjunct therapy. Benefits of energy healing for Depressed Clients Energy Healing can be beneficial to clients with depression in multiple ways. Some of the benefits of Energy Healing sessions for depressed clients include: Better sense of mental and physical balance. – Energy Healing may help restore a person’s overall sense of balance, both in the mind and the body. This may help to improve the person’s mood and help him or her to overcome feelings of guilt and/or sadness. Energy Work is relaxing. – Depression is often accompanied by anxiety. However, Energy work can be relaxing, which may help to combat this anxiety. As the individual’s anxiety is relieved, his or her depression may improve as well. Energy work puts the client back in control. – Many people who are depressed feel like they are not in control of their own lives. When a client participates in a Energy session, he or she is doing something proactive, thus restoring some of the feelings of control. Energy Work allows the client to connect with another person. – One of the most common symptoms of depression involves withdrawing from friends and family or feeling disconnected from others. Energy Work provides depressed clients with the opportunity to connect with a caring, compassionate practitioner, which may improve symptoms. Energy Work relieves stress. – Stress can contribute to the development of depression, and ongoing stress can also worsen a depressed person’s symptoms. Energy Work may help to relieve some of a client’s stress, which may in turn reduce the symptoms of depression. 

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