Creating Value in the lives of Children and Adults suffering from diseases and illness and their families!

We provide healing and advanced learning for those seeking holistic services and guidance!
We have a volunteer program that assist many children suffering from disease and illness along with the family unit!
We observe a Benevolent Guiding Presence assisting in our evolution which some call unconditional love. We embody and channel this consciousness through our work.
By tuning in and following its mirroring guidance, we have evolved our own revolutionary approach that blends the ancient with the contemporary, combining enlightening spiritual realisation with insightful scientific wisdom.
We're integrating heart and mind to access a higher truth. We're not trying to supplant your wisdom with ours, but rather helping to provide fertile ground that a more evolved version of your own truth may unfold.
Above all, we are energy workers, healers and consciousness activators.

"The word Araya means more to me then just a word!
Araya is the frequency I brought back with me from the Heart of Creator when I died several years ago. It is pure love, compassion, healing, oneness, Divinity and more.
My Heart is so full of love for all of you who have supported the message and vision I came back with!"
Nicole Ashton


Take the Journey within and Rediscover YOU!
Nicole is accepting clients at this time to assist in healing first themselves by bringing awareness to their gifts and abilities!
You get to train with Nicole and assist others to heal!


📌Access to Zoom: Dowload to Zoom 

📌Dedication: One hour a week for 4 Weeks

📌Accountably: Journal before your session and after your session

📌Service: Hold one gathering a month via Zoom

📌 Energy Exchange: After the four week Journey Write about your experience and transformation.
This will be used for assisting others in their journeys!


Araya Hope Foundation is a dynamic, growing, non-profit organization that is focused on bringing Healing globally through Research, Service and International Education.

We have opportunities for creative, energetic people to advance the philosophy, objectives and healing arts

Opportunities available in:​

  • Healing Arts

  • Event Volunteers

  • Energy Circle Faciliators

  • Compassion Workers

  • Light Workers

  • Music 

  • Artist

  • Writing

  • Advertising

  • Fundraising

  • Finance

  • Nomination

  • Research

  • Grant Reader

  • Event planning

Our organizational chart is not limited. Bring your talents and skills you believe will help us move forward.

Your participation will change lives!

Come join our team!

Request Training or/or  Volunteer Opportunities

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Araya Hope Foundation in Action

See what Araya Hope Foundation is up to!

Follow and Supoort the Love and  Healing!

C21 Group for Women to come together
Moms of children Suffer
from Autism
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Bridging Eastern Knowledge to USA

Thank you for your Love and Support!

Donations assist in making this possible!

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Quality of Life

To assist Children suffering from illness or/and disease and their families in remembering a quality of 

life is very possible.


To create compassion and promote healing through unconditional love.

Connection through enlightenment, touch, vision, and wholeness are fundamental to the human experience
Collective Consciousness
We are All ONE in an awakened heart space filled with unconditional love, compassion, warmth, kindness and understanding

Vision Statement
 Engage the life-affirming power of personal and collective healing experiences to lift and connect humanity.
Mission Statement
Support human consciousness to move forward  in healing and assist raising the frequency and vibration of the planet and All BEings


Through unconditional love we value ALL creation, healing, balance, unity and the promotion of harmonious experiences throughout humanity with much grace and gratitude!


To build and facilitate a Center of Creation a Healing Center and Advanced learning space.

To Heal, Learn and Grow Together

Nicole Ashton